Thursday, November 5, 2009

The MSWord Spellchecker Didn’t Need to Be Taught Vocab. Lesson #4

If you are following my word-rich blogging, I judge you decidedly perspicacious.

And if you feel you sort of know what I mean, you are probably right. Like me, you probably recognize that you’ve heard or seen that word before and that it means something good.

But maybe – also like the former ‘me’— you don’t know quite what the good thing is.
So the new ‘me’ is here to tell you.

Actually, perspicacity is the perfect antidote to yesterday’s ‘gormlessness.’ If you are perspicacious, you are highly discerning, perceptive, clear-sighted.

(And, of course, being so, you will continue to watch for future Tiddlywinks installments.)

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