Saturday, November 10, 2012

One Full Year of with a new Pal

One year ago today, I downloaded MyFitnessPal to my cellphone.  At the time, I was unhappy with my weight and casting around for some help.  The app is an Internet food journaling mechanism.

I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the idea of journaling my food and drink consumption or counting calories.  I knew it was, in fact, a very effective support for weight loss.  I'd done it for several times in my life – for a few weeks, maybe even a couple of months at a time.  It 'works.'

But it's a huge hassle!

Done the old way, counting calories involved writing down everything you ate and then looking up calories in a reference book or list.  Within a few weeks or a couple of months at the most, I'd begin to imagine I could drop the record keeping while still hitting approximately the right calorie intake.  I've never been able to keep it up the journaling beyond the initial weight drop:  just too much nuisance.

Enter MyFitnessPal.

I chose this app because it came with good recommendations and seemed as good as any other.  I cannot make any comparisons, but I now consider the choice pure serendipity.  I really like this app!

My cellphone is almost always near at hand.  And for back up, I also have the app on my IPad and can access it from any computer.

I find it so low fuss, so manageable, that I have tracked my calorie count -- along with calorie expenditure estimates -- every day for the past year.  Though family health crises, my own included, and through travel and holidays and the numerous ordinary and extraordinary events that make up a year, not one day did I find any particular difficulty recording information about my diet, exercise and weight status.

I've dropped 25 pounds and in recent months have actually been using the application to help me maintain my present weight, the weight I was given as my lifetime ideal about the time I reached my full adult size over 45 years ago.

After so many years of wanting and trying to lose weight, the experience of trying to hold a stable weight – that is, to NOT lose more weight -- is a whole new thing.  I hope a year from now I can say I've mastered this phase!