Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help Your Local School -- SO Easy!

The other day, a neighbor on my Freecycle listserv told me her kid was collecting these:

She asked everyone to help him collect them. I didn't think I'd find any, but what the hey. Couldn't hurt to check. Pulled the old Cheerios box out of the recycling bin and, whatdaya know, there it was. So I flipped over the Kleenex box on my desk. Bingo again!

Into the kitchen drawers, the pantry -- more and more!

These coupons are worth cash to your local school. Check it out if you have a doubt: Box Tops 4 Education. Then check your cabinets.

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sagecap said...

My family has been collecting these box tops for our elementary school for the past six years. I keep an envelope in my kitchen junk drawer to collect them in until I'm ready to drop them off at the school office. The PTO has set a large jar to collect them in. I believe they've gotten upwards of $400 each year.

The upsides of this program are that this is a relatively easy way for me to help my local school and I know that the dollars are going directly to the school of my choice. The downside is that you are buying the products with the brand offering the program. I've noticed that in some instances the brand product costs more than other non-brand products. In a way, this isn't really FREE money because you are paying the extra cents for the box tops. However, if you would be purchasing those products anyway regardless of price, than it is worthwhile.

I do wish that education was more of a priority in our country and that local schools (and teachers) could get more funding beyond bake sales, box tops, fun fairs and wrapping paper sales.